Friday, September 24, 2010

JR in Geekland

So last time I wrote about having a great new job and the excitement that it brought. After a month here at Crexendo selling SEO and Web Marketing service I have found out that despite some of my better efforts to avoid being a geek, that is at the core exactly what I am. I get to talk each day to people in such a way as to simplify the internet. Now I am not talking about how to navigate through your favorite internet browser (mine is currently Firefox but Google Chrome is fast closing the gap) No I am talking about the GEEKY part of the internet. The parts that read 100110100110011100111000110001111100101010101 to the untrained eye. Now I am not geeky enough to exactly what that very large Binary number is, but there are a bevy of tools at my disposal to figure it out. (incendentally the above binary representation can be more recognizably written as 10,118,968) So I get to speak with the vast majority of folks who simply want their websites to both work and bring them money. Think of me as your internet Urim and Thummim. I know enough geek to communicate with the programmers and hard core geeks, but I also speak regular human and can therefor talk to any mom and pop who needs to sell something on the internet.

Bottom line is I have the coolest job on earth. I get to go to BYU Football and Jazz Basketball games AND GET PAID FOR IT. Yeah so for all of you that don't have as cool a job as I have I send my condolences. For any of you who need that crazy internet translated into non-geek please give me a call and we can talk. I'd love to help you make more money and make your life easier all at once.


Regan said...

You so deserve a job you love... I'm so happy for you. :-)